Formal Languages and Automata

10 Units

Introduces Formal Languages and their application to Safety-Critical Systems and Proofs of Correctness. Discusses automata and their relationship to regular, context-free and phrase-structure languages. The computability theory is presented, including Turing machines, decidability and recursive functions.

Faculty Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment
School School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Availability Semester 1 - 2014 (Callaghan Campus)
Semester 1 - 2015 (Callaghan Campus)

(1) To introduce students to the structure of automata and formal languages (2) To give students understanding of the limitations on the capabilities of computers (3) To give students an understanding of Formal Languages and their application to Safety-Critical Systems and Proofs of Correctness.


(1) Formal Languages (2) Safety-Critical Systems (3) Proving Programs Correct. (4) Finite automata and regular languages (5) Push-down automata and context-free languages (6) Turing machines and phrase-structured languages; Church-Turing Thesis (7) Decidability (8) Recursive functions

Replacing Course(s) N/A
Transition N/A
Industrial Experience 0
Assumed Knowledge Good programming skills. Knowledge of discrete mathematics.
Modes of Delivery Internal Mode
Teaching Methods Lecture
Assessment Items
  • Essays / Written Assignments - as per course outline
  • Examination: Formal - A final examination according to the university's examination timetable.
Contact Hours
  • Tutorial: for 2 hour(s) per Week for Full Term
  • Lecture: for 3 hour(s) per Week for Full Term
Compulsory Components
  • Compulsory Course Component: Students must obtain 40% in the final exam to pass the course. Student achieving >25% but less that 40% will be offered an alternate assessment if, and only if, all other assessment items have been submitted. Students obtaining <25% will not be offered an alternate assessment, and will fail the course, unless students have submitted Adverse Circumstances in accordance with the Adverse Circumstances Policy.
Course Materials None listed
Timetable 2015 Course Timetables for COMP6270

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