Foundations of Vision Impairment

10 Units

This course provides foundation knowledge in the cause and implication of disease and vision impairment across the age spectrum. The learner will develop a broad view of the low vision needs of individuals and their role in this.

Faculty Faculty of Education and Arts
School School of Education
Availability Semester 1 - 2015 (WebLearn GradSchool)
Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate basic knowledge of human anatomy and development of the body systems;
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the impact of disease on an individual;
  3. Apply knowledge of eye disease and vision impairment to an individual’s circumstances;
  4. Interpret clinical findings and vision behaviours to develop appropriate individual vision profiles according to need;
  5. Recommend appropriate low vision support.

Topics will include:

  1. Impact of disease on the body system;
  2. Anatomy of the eye and visual system;
  3. The process of seeing;
  4. Aetiology of vision impairment across the age spectrum;
  5. The impact of vision impairment on individuals;
  6. Roles of eye health professionals;
  7. Understanding ophthalmic examination;
  8. Interpretation of clinical reports;
  9. Understanding functional vision assessment;
  10. Introduction to low vision support.
  • This course is only available to students enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies or the Master of Special Education programs.
Assumed Knowledge No prior knowledge assumed.
Assessment Items
  • Interview: Reflections on a Personal Interview (Practical Assessment)
  • Online Learning Activity: Online Discussion Contribution
  • Written Assignment: Online Case Presentation
Contact Hours
  • Self-Directed Learning: for 10 hour(s) per Week for Weeks
Course Materials
  • Renwick
Timetable 2015 Course Timetables for EDUC6668
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