Integrated Marketing Communications

10 Units

Integrated Marketing Communications is an extremely important part of the marketing mix, as no-one will rush to buy your product if they do not know about it! It is therefore vital to effectively and efficiently communicate your message about your product, service and/or idea to the marketplace. The role of integrated marketing communications in marketing management from both theoretical and practical perspectives is the core of the course. Students investigate topics which include the role of IMC, the use of agencies, communication/behavioural aspects of advertising, planning, budgeting and decision-making, media selection and controls on communication activities.

Faculty Faculty of Business and Law
School Newcastle Business School
Availability Trimester 1 - 2014 (Newcastle City Precinct)
Trimester 1 - 2014 (WebLearn GradSchool)
Trimester 2 - 2014 (Newcastle City Precinct)
Trimester 3 - 2014 (Newcastle City Precinct)
Trimester 3 - 2014 (WebLearn GradSchool)
Trimester 1 - 2015 (WebLearn GradSchool)
Trimester 2 - 2015 (Newcastle City Precinct)
Trimester 3 - 2015 (Newcastle City Precinct)

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. Outline the nature of IMC and describe its environment;
  2. Explain how to set IMC objectives and formulate an IMC budget;
  3. Evaluate creative strategies in the light of given marketing objectives and strategies;
  4. Analyse and evaluate the cost effectiveness of various forms of media;
  5. Explain the behavioural factors that influence the effectiveness of communications;
  6. Describe the various control mechanisms to evaluate activities;
  7. Prepare an IMC Plan.

This course includes but is not limited to the following topics:

  1. Introduction to IMC.
  2. The consumer and marketing communications.
  3. Organising and budgeting for marketing communications.
  4. Creative strategy.
  5. Media planning and strategy.
  6. Evaluating media options
  7. Direct and interactive marketing; Sales promotion.
  8. Public relations, publicity and corporate advertising.
  9. Personal selling.

10.Support media 11.Evaluating IMC campaigns 12.Ethics and legal issues

Replacing Course(s) N/A
Transition N/A
Industrial Experience 0
Assumed Knowledge GSBS6005 Marketing Management and Strategy
Modes of Delivery Distance Learning : IT Based
Internal Mode
Teaching Methods Lecture
Assessment Items
  • Essays / Written Assignments - IMC Plan
  • Essays / Written Assignments - Initial brief
  • Presentations - Group -
  • Quiz - Class -
Contact Hours
  • Lecture: for 3 hour(s) per Week for Full Term
Compulsory Components None listed
Course Materials
  • "Deveoping Your IMC Plan" & "Advertising and Promotion" & "ANZ Supplement to accompany Advertising and Promotion"
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