Workplace Injury Management

10 Units

This course introduces students to the concept of workplace injury management and the components that contribute to this concept. The course is designed to enable students to develop a broad view and a clear understanding of injury management and the current state and national legislative requirements. Students will study and be assessed on the theoretical principles of workplace injury management, and they will critique workplace injury management systems and apply the case management model in practice.

Faculty Faculty of Health and Medicine
School School of Health Sciences
Availability Semester 1 - 2015 (WebLearn GradSchool)
Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of, and an ability to discuss the theory underlying workplace injury management for work related injuries;
  2. Critique workplace injury management as it pertains to their state or territory;
  3. Identify the stakeholders and their contributions to injury management;
  4. Apply the general principles of workers compensation and injury management legislation relevant to their state or territory;
  5. Discuss Injury management in practice and information management including privacy legislation provisions applicable in workplace injury management;
  6. Apply the case management model in practice.
  • Overview of the evolution of workplace injury management and workers’ compensation legislation and administration in Australia;
  • Introduction to workplace injury management in the different Australian states and territories;
  • Understand the various roles and responsibilities of the different stakeholders involved in the workplace injury management process;
  • Information management as it relates to workplace injury management;
  • Privacy legislation provisions applicable in workplace injury management;
  • workplace injury management in practice;-
  • Introduction to return-to-work co-ordination (WorkCover NSW).
Assessment Items
  • In Term Test: Online test
  • Written Assignment: Essay/Written Assignment
  • Online Learning Activity: Online Discussions
  • Formal Examination: Exam
Contact Hours
  • Online Activity: for 2 hour(s) per Week for Full Term (Online discussion is an assessed component of the course - students are required to contribute to this process. Self directed learning - Students are required to spend on average 120 - 140 hours of effort or total load)
  • Self-Directed Learning: for 6 hour(s) per Week for Full Term
Course Materials
  • Handbook of Work Disability
Timetable 2015 Course Timetables for HLSC6101
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