Academic Writing

10 Units

This course provides students with essential skills in academic writing, combining theoretical perspectives of the conventions of academic writing with practical applications in a wide range of academic genres, including essay, literature review, research paper.

Faculty Faculty of Education and Arts
School School of Humanities and Social Science
Availability Semester 1 - 2014 (Callaghan Campus)
Semester 2 - 2014 (Callaghan Campus)
Semester 1 - 2015 (Callaghan Campus)
Semester 1 - 2015 (WebLearn GradSchool)

Students who have satisfactorily completed this course will be able to demonstrate:

  1. awareness of the conventions of academic writing;
  2. advanced understanding of the specifics of different academic genres;
  3. ability to plan and execute academic writing projects within a prescribed academic format;
  4. ability to communicate complex and abstract ideas in compliance with the conventions of academic writing.

The course explores the conventions of academic writing and the ways in which the language of academic writing can be used to communicate complex and abstract ideas. Topics to be covered include:

  1. conventions of academic writing;
  2. basic rhetorical devices in academic writing;
  3. essentials of essay structure and composition;
  4. other genres of academic writing (literature review, report, research paper, etc.);
  5. essentials of referencing.
Replacing Course(s) Not Applicable
Transition Not Applicable
Industrial Experience 0
Assumed Knowledge No assumed knowledge
Modes of Delivery Distance Learning : IT Based
Flexible Delivery / Student Centred Learning
Internal Mode
Teaching Methods Lecture
Assessment Items
  • Essays / Written Assignments - Written Assignments (1000 words) 2@20% (40%) Written Assignments (1500 words) 2@30% (60%)
Contact Hours
  • Lecture: for 2 hour(s) per Week for Full Term
  • Seminar: for 1 hour(s) per Week for Full Term
Compulsory Components None listed
Course Materials None listed
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