GradDip Research Project Part B

10 Units

This course forms part of an Australian Psychological Society accredited sequence. PSYC6781A and PSYC6781B together form one option for a fourth year research project in psychology. The courses entail the development, conduct, analysis and reporting of a piece of original empirical research. This research is carried out under the supervision of a member of the academic staff of the School of Psychology. The course PSYC6781A of this Multi-Term Sequence Course must be taken prior to enrolment in the 'B' component. Not to count with PSYC4801B

Faculty Faculty of Science and Information Technology
School School of Psychology
Availability Semester 2 - 2014 (Callaghan Campus)
Semester 2 - 2015 (Callaghan Campus)

On successful completion of this course, students will have further developed their:

  1. psychological research skills including use of appropriate research instruments and data analysis
  2. scientific writing skills
  3. capacity to critically evaluate research data
  4. present information in written format in an interesting and comprehensible manner with appropriate interpretation and evaluation. Knowledge: students will be expected to gain knowledge of research methodology equivalent to that suitable for a professional psychologist.

Details of topics will be available at the commencement of the academic year.

Replacing Course(s) Replacing PSYC4090B and PSYC4220.
Transition NA
Industrial Experience 0
Assumed Knowledge Completion of PSYC6781A (Research Project Part A) Completion of an APS accredited sequence of years 1 - 3 in psychology.
Modes of Delivery Internal Mode
Teaching Methods Laboratory
Self Directed Learning
Student Projects
Assessment Items
  • Group/tutorial participation and contribution - Groups will assess themselves and be assessed by the staff for group cohesiveness and cooperation. Students will be given an individual grade based on their contribution to the group effort.
  • Presentations - Individual - Presentation of a paper or poster at the end of the year 4th year conference.
  • Reports - Students will prepare (individually) a 4000 word research report in the style of an APA journal article.
Contact Hours
  • Student Projects: for 8 hour(s) per Week for Full Term
  • Laboratory: for 4 hour(s) per Week for Full Term
Compulsory Components
  • Requisite by Enrolment: This course only available to students enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Postgraduate)
  • Compulsory Course Component: The 'A' component of this Multi-Term Sequence Course must be taken prior to enrolment in the 'B' component.
Course Materials None listed
Timetable 2015 Course Timetables for PSYC6781B

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