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Advanced Sacramental Theology: A Living Tradition

10 Units

This course will offer a detailed study of Christian sacraments. It will further sketch out different components of sacramental theology: Mythology, Anthropology, Sociology, Analogy and Symbol, Metaphysics.

Faculty Faculty of Education and Arts
School School of Humanities and Social Science

Upon completion of this course students will be expected to: 1. Explain the mythological origin of holiness in the pre-christian world; 2. Explore the biblical and patristic foundations of sacraments; 3. Examine and clarify the different approaches of protestant and catholic understanding of sacrament; 4. Describe the anthropological-sociological basis of sacraments; 5. Demonstrate an understanding of the various meanings and number of sacraments; 6. Expose the ecumenical dimension; 7. Explain the re-contextualisation of the sense of sacrament for a secular world.


Themes will include: Bible and sacrament; development of sacrament through the ages; Luther and sacrament; Church as sacrament; sacraments of the Church; sacrament as symbol and reality of salvation; sacrament and secular world; local church and sacramental celebration; Life as sacrament.

Replacing Course(s) Not Applicable
Transition Not Applicable
Industrial Experience 0
Assumed Knowledge Is advantageous to have completed THEO1021 "The Church: Foundations and Experience" as part of the Bachelor of Theology or THEO6010 "Community-in-Mission: a Contemporary Theology of the Church".
Modes of Delivery Distance Learning : Paper Based
Teaching Methods N/A
Assessment Items
  • Essays / Written Assignments - Assignment 1 - 2000-2500 words (50%)
  • Essays / Written Assignments - Assignment 2 - 2000-2500 words (50%)
Contact Hours
  • Self Directed Learning: for 130 hour(s) per Term for Full Term
Course Materials None listed
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