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Course Materials

Your prescribed course materials are designated by the Course Coordinators and are included in your program fees. Course materials will start to be despatched in the three weeks prior to the start of trimester/semester, as they become available from the Course Coordinators. Packages in Australia are delivered by Australia Post and overseas packages are sent by DHL.

If you are studying more than one course you may receive packages at various times. Do not be concerned if you do not receive all of your materials at the same time - this is a normal part of our process.

You will receive an email via your NUmail advising you when your materials have been despatched. Please check at your local Post Office if after receiving this email you still haven't received your materials.

Some course materials will also be available electronically via BlackBoard on the first day of trimester/semester.

For queries related to course materials and delivery please email our Logistics Team.

Program requirements and details

If you are unsure of the course requirements for your particular postgraduate program, you can find full course information in your postgraduate program overview. For individual course information be sure to click on the details tab, situated at the top of each program.


Course Material
ABOR6002 No Materials
ABOR6004 No Materials
ABOR6006 No Materials
BIOS6920 The Principles of Biostatistics
BIOS6950 Statistical Modeling for Biomedical Researchers
CLAM6003 No Text
CLAM6004 Enhancing Patient Care
ECON6430 Economic Development
EDUC6005 No Materials
EDUC6006 No Materials
EDUC6008 International Handbook of Research and Development of Giftedness and Talent
EDUC6015 No Materials
EDUC6023 No Materials
EDUC6025 Understanding Language Teaching
EDUC6036 Education Leadership and Planning for Technology
EDUC6042 Rethinking Education with ICT
EDUC6048 Educational Research
EDUC6082 No Materials
EDUC6083 No Materials
EDUC6086 No Materials
EDUC6087 No Materials
EDUC6102 Maths in Focus Mathematics Extension 1 HSC Course & "Maths in Focus Mathematics Extension 1 Preliminary Course"
EDUC6105 No Materials
EDUC6106 Statistics A Gentle Introduction
EDUC6107 Maths Extension 2
EDUC6108 Teaching Secondary Mathematics
EDUC6109 No Materials
EDUC6127 Deconstructing Product Design
EDUC6132 Mentors in the Making
EDUC6153 Boys & Families Literacy Strengths Resources & "Fathers & Schools Together in Literacy and Learning"
EDUC6159 Schools Communities and Social Inclusion & "The Nuts and Bolts of Kids in School"
EDUC6160 No Materials
EDUC6163 No Materials
EDUC6164 No Materials
EDUC6202 No Materials
EDUC6203 No Materials
EDUC6225 No Materials
EDUC6240 21st century Skills
EDUC6251 New perspectives on CALL for second language classrooms
EDUC6265 Reasearch in Early Childhood
EDUC6350 No Materials
EDUC6353 No Materials
EDUC6506 Guide to Engineering Mechanics
EDUC6507 Engineering Studies - Students Workbook
EPID6430 Epidemiology Beyond the Basics
EPID6470 No Text
EPID6600 No Text
EPID6660 No Text
HLSC6102 Communicating in Health and Social Sciences
HLSC6107 Cultural Diversity and Families" & "Families Relationships and Intimate Life"
HLSC6511 No Text
HLSC6513 No Text
HLSC6515 Early Intervention with Multi-Risk Families & "Working with Vulnerable Families"
HLSC6517 Promoting family change & "Working with Vulnerable Families"
HLSC6518 Learning Group Leadership
HPRO6900 Evaluation in a Nutshell
LEGL6004 Workplace Health and Safety Law in Australia
LING3280 No Materials
LING6020 No Materials
LING6060 Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism
LING6910 Linguistics: An Introduction
LING6930 No Materials
LING6950 No Materials
LING6955 No Materials
MEDI6130 Drug Use in Australian Society
MEDI6160 Addiction Medicine
MEDI6340 Recovery After Stroke
MEDI6350 Knowledge Translation in Health Care
MEDI6400 Clinical Risk Management & "Understanding Crisis Therapies"
MEDI6801 No Text
MEDI6802 Long Term Conditions
OHSE6050 WHS : A Management Guide
OHSE6060 No Text
OHSE6090 Essential Epidemiology
PSYC6000 Psychology: A Concise Introduction
PSYC6050 Psychology: A Concise Introduction
PSYC6130 The Psychology of Work and Organisations & Industrial/Organizational psychology"
PUBH6150 Enhancing Patient Care
PUBH6210 Constructing Grounded Theory
PUBH6260 Methods for the Economic Evaluation of Health Care Programmes
PUBH6301 Chronic Disease Epidemiology and Control
PUBH6302 Understanding Health
PUBH6303 No Text
PUBH6305 Health Systems in Low and Middle-Income Countries
SOCA6240 No Text
SOCA6440 No Materials
SOCA6500 No Materials
SOCA6570 No Text
SOCA6590 Climate Change and Society
SOCA6640 Research for Development
SOCA6670 No Materials
SOCA6690 Sustainable Revolution
STAT6100 Total Quality Management
SWRK6200 No Materials