Course Materials

Your prescribed course materials are designated by the Course Coordinators and are included in your program fees. Course materials will start to be despatched in the three weeks prior to the start of trimester/semester, as they become available from the Course Coordinators. Packages in Australia are delivered by Australia Post and overseas packages are sent by DHL.

If you are studying more than one course you may receive packages at various times. Do not be concerned if you do not receive all of your materials at the same time - this is a normal part of our process.

You will receive an email via your NUmail advising you when your materials have been despatched. Please check at your local Post Office if after receiving this email you still haven't received your materials.

Some course materials will also be available electronically via BlackBoard on the first day of trimester/semester.

For queries related to course materials and delivery please email our Logistics Team.

Program requirements and details

If you are unsure of the course requirements for your particular postgraduate program, you can find full course information in your postgraduate program overview. For individual course information be sure to click on the details tab, situated at the top of each program.


Course Material
ARBE6121 No Materials
ARBE6223 No Materials
ARBE6312 Vortex Cities to Sustainable Cities
ARBE6351 Valuation of Real Estate
ARBE6372 Law of Compulsory Land Acquisition
ARBE6382 Real Estate Market Analysis
ARBE6402 No Materials
ARBE6403 No Materials
ARBE6603 No Materials
ARBE6606 No Materials
AVIA6150 Safety Management Systems in Aviation
AVIA6160 Training in Australia
BIOL6001 No Materials
CMNS6070 CS6 Mater Collection Software
ENVS6530 Environmental Decision-Making
ENVS6545 "The Science and Politics of Global Climate Change" & "Environmental Impact Assessment in Australia"
ENVS6555 Resource and Environmental Management
GENG6005 "Enterprise and Venture Capital" & " Entrepreneurship: Theory Process and Practice"
GSBR6201 Business Research Methods
GSBR6204 Developing Effective Research Proposals
GSBR6301 No Materials
GSBR6302 No Materials
GSBR6303 No Materials
GSBR6304 No Materials
GSBR6305 No Materials
GSBR6306 No Materials
GSBS6001 Managing Under Uncertainty
GSBS6002 Business Research Methods
GSBS6003 Globalisation
GSBS6004 Organisational Behaviour
GSBS6005 Marketing: Real People Real Choices
GSBS6015 Services Marketing
GSBS6040 Human Resource Management
GSBS6060 Strategic Management
GSBS6300 "Deveoping Your IMC Plan" & "Advertising and Promotion" & "ANZ Supplement to accompany Advertising and Promotion"
GSBS6301 Strategic Brand Management
GSBS6484 Moral Issues in Business
HLSC6106 "Key Concepts in Family Studies" & "Families Relationships and Intimate Life"
HLSC6126 Becoming Ethical
HLSC6509 Strong Families Around the World
INFO6030 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with the Unified
INFO6180 No Materials
INFT6060 No Materials
INFT6302 Cinema 4D Software
INFT6303 ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University
MTEC6700 Experiencing music Technology
MTEC6702 The Norton Manual of Music Notation
MTEC6706 Flash Software
MTEC6709 No Materials
MTEC6710 No Materials
NURS6070 "Community Mental Health for Older People" & "Geropsychiatric and Mental Health Nursing"
NURS6250 "Concept Development in Nursing Foundations and Techniques" &" Ebersole and Hess Gerontological Nursing and Healthy Aging"
NURS6591 "Birth Territory and Midwifery Guardianship" & "Normal Childbirth: Evidence and Debate" & "Pregnancy and Childbirth"
NURS6620 Abnormal Laboratory Results
NURS6622 "Doing a Literature Review in Nursing" & "Ethical Maturity"
NURS6650 "Microbiology and Infection Control for Health Professionals" & "Infectious Diseases"
NURS6711 Palliative Care Nursing
NURS6820 "Wong
PHAR6702 No Materials