Graduate Certificate in Project Management for the Built Environment (Pre 2015)


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PLEASE NOTE: This program is only available for currently enrolled students. No new applications for admission will be accepted. Prospective students looking to commence in 2015, please view the handbook entry for our new program: Graduate Certificate in Project Management in the Built Environment (Program Code: 12411).

Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. Over the last decade, the Construction/Building/Engineering/Design Industries have embraced modern professional project management as a specialised discipline. Effective project management will help: - Meet or exceed client expectations; - Maximize the use of resources (time, people, money, space, etc); - Bring projects to a successful conclusion on time and within budget; - Successfully manage project stakeholders and project risks; - Evaluate project outcomes and document learnings future reference; and - Build confidence in a team for future projects. This program has been assembled by practicing professional project managers, with courses logically built around the project life cycle providing the skills required to deliver a project from “Start-up” to “Wrap-up”.

Why study with us?

The Graduate Certificate in Project Management for the Built Environment, will be offered online through  The program will involve presenters who are current practitioners in the industry as well as presenters from the University of Newcastle.  The program will provide a case based approach to the study of Project Management for the Built Environment.  The focus of the program is industry based drawing on the expertise and experiences of current practitioners.  Newcastle offers a unique approach of online technologies with industry involvement.

Career Opportunities

The professional application of project management skills and techniques as a process for delivering business outcomes is utilised in every employment sector in particular Construction, Information Technology, Finance and Management.

Students completing the Graduate Certificate in Project Management program have career opportunities such as Managerial positions in an extensive range of commercial and public sector organisations. For more information see:

Study a Language

All domestic students can now enrol in an undergraduate Diploma in Languages alongside their main degree program. This diploma will enhance proficiency in another language or languages, and will increase international career opportunities. Subject to course availability, this additional program will generally add an extra year to studies, and students will graduate with a Diploma in Languages as well as their other degree. Please note that all language courses are held on campus (face to face) at Callaghan.

International students cannot enrol concurrently in the Diploma in Languages alongside their primary program unless they can complete both programs within the duration of their primary program CoE. For more information please contact the ESOS Student Compliance Unit

Admission Requirements

A recognised Advanced Diploma with a minimum of 2 years relevant work experience, or deemed equivalent from the Built Environment domain.

Credit Transfer

If you wish to apply for credit for studies completed at another institution or if you are changing programs within the University and wish to transfer your credit to a new program go to and click on How to apply for credit.


Not Applicable

Practical Experience

Not Applicable

Professional Accreditation

Following the AIPM program accreditation, students can become Student Members of the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) for the duration of their course. This provides students with a temporary affiliation with an industry body of their profession and gives them access to most membership benefits. Of particular interest for students would be invitations to networking events, the bi-monthly magazine “The Project Manager” and access to the online Information Resource Centre (IRC), one of the largest repositories of project management research and knowledge. Following successful completion of the award, students are automatically eligible for professional recognition as an Associate Member of AIPM are are able to use the post-nominals AAIPM.

International Students

International students will be supported by current University and Faculty support mechanisms. There will be a requirement for a minimum 6.5 IELTS result (equivalent), given the need for students to work at a high level in the language of instruction. Students studying online will be supported by BlackBoard and will also be able to contact staff by email.

Special Needs

All reasonable steps will be taken to meet the University of Newcastle’s policies for Students with Special Needs. The Faculty accepts responsibility, in liaison with the student Support Unit, for providing reasonable accommodations to allow students with disabilities to complete the program.

Recommended Studies

Studies in the area of the Built Environment is recommended.

Requirements and Structure

The Graduate Certificate in Project Management for the Built Environment is a 40 unit program of study. The program is made up of 10 units of core courses and 30 units of directed courses. Upon successful completion of the Graduate Certificate in Project Management, students will be eligible to enrol in the Master of Project Management in order to continue their studies.

Transition Arrangements

As programs are regularly reviewed and updated, some students may experience changes to their program of study during the course of their enrolment, which may require transition arrangements.

Students affected by changes to their program are advised to review any documentation contained in the “Further Information” section (located towards the top of this Handbook page), in the first instance. Any further questions should be directed to the Program Convenor or Student Hub.

Course Information

Code Name Availability Units
Complete the following core courses to fulfil the requirements of this program.
ARBE6401 Project Scoping and Integration Trimester 2 - 2015 (GradSchool) 10 units
Directed Courses
Code Name Availability Units
Choose 30 units from from these directed courses.
ARBE6402 Project Scheduling, Resource Management & Leadership Trimester 3 - 2015 (GradSchool) 10 units
ARBE6403 Project Communication Trimester 3 - 2015 (GradSchool) 10 units
ARBE6404 Project Procurement, Cost, Quality & Risk Management Trimester 1 - 2015 (GradSchool) 10 units
ARBE6405 Program Management Trimester 1 - 2015 (GradSchool) 10 units
ARBE6406 Negotiation & Conflict Resolution Trimester 2 - 2015 (GradSchool) 10 units
ARBE6407 Project Closure Trimester 2 - 2015 (GradSchool) 10 units