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Program Code 12333
Graduate Level Postgraduate
  • Newcastle (Callaghan)
CRICOS Code 079533G
Contributing Schools and Faculties
Admission Instructions:

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Program Award Rules and Schedules
Mode of delivery Face to Face delivery with some blended learning.


The Master of Laws program has been designed to provide students with advanced legal knowledge and research skills with a strong emphasis on international, transnational and/or commercial law. This will be achieved through providing students with advanced training in legal research techniques and an opportunity to choose from a range of specialised courses with an international, transnational and/or commercial flavour. The Masters program has been designed for law graduates and legal practitioners looking to fast track their legal career or develop expertise in a more focused area of the law.

Why study with us?

The Newcastle Law School is a supportive and research-focused School, deeply committed to teaching. The Newcastle Law School has fostered an intellectual community devoted to the development of the next generation of lawyers.

Through taking an innovative and integrated approach to legal education, the Newcastle Law School ensures that graduates gain all the necessary theory, skills and experience for a career in legal practice. Students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to practice law not only in Australia, but also in the globalised market as our teaching and curriculum provides a transnational insight into understanding law and the legal system.

Career Opportunities

The opportunities created by the Master of Laws reflect the many career options open to law graduates. Law is now regarded as a useful general education, providing understanding of how our society functions, and fostering skills of analytical and logical reasoning. Some graduates may choose not to practise law, but their qualifications will enhance their employment opportunities in areas of business, government and non-government organisations.

Admission Requirements

Students will be required to have completed the following requirements for admission to the program:

An AQF level 8 Law qualification, such as a:

a) Bachelor of Law (Honours) degree either embedded (320 units) or ‘end-on’ (80 units) or equivalent law degree from a recognised tertiary education institution, or

b) Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma in Law or Legal Practice following the completion of an AQF Level 7 Bachelor of Laws degree, or

c) an AQF Level 7 Bachelor degree in Law and have completed a minimum of two years relevant work experience in a legal environment (RPL). RPL will be assessed by the Program Convenor through the consideration of a statement outlining the relevant work experience. Transcripts and detailed CVs must be provided to the University.

d) One of the degrees below: i)a five year combined law degree program (400 units of learning in total, at least 240 cognate) or ii) a four year Bachelor of Laws degree program (320 units of learning, all cognate) or iii) a three year graduate entry Bachelor of Law program following the completion of a three year non-cognate degree (480 units of learning in total, at least 240 cognate)

Assumed Knowledge

Students will have completed a Law degree as per the admission requirements.

International Students

International students must comply with the University of Newcastle’s English language proficiency requirements. There is a minimum requirement of 6.5 IELTS result (with a minimum of 6.0 in each subtest) or equivalent for this program.

All International students enrolled in the program will be provided with an orientation to familiarise them with the rules, expectations, facilities and services offered by the University. Please visit to find out more about the support services available to international students.

Special Needs

Student with disabilities who require reasonable adjustments to undertake their program should contact the Disability Support Service before semester commences or early in the semester. Some adjustments need up to 4 weeks lead time to organise, so it is imperative that early contact is made. The Disability Support Service and relevant Faculty and School Officers will work together to ensure reasonable adjustments are provided in a timely manner. Please note: All students must fulfil the inherent requirements of the programs and courses they are undertaking. While reasonable adjustments can be made, these adjustments cannot compromise academic integrity. It is the student’s responsibility to check all the requirements of courses, and consider the effects of any medial condition or disability on their ability to complete course requirements. Please visit for more information.

Requirements and Structure

All students are required to complete 80 units (8 courses) of coursework comprising 20 units (two courses) of core courses in Advanced Legal Research and 60 units (six courses) of directed courses.

Students who have obtained their undergraduate law degree outside Australia must choose Legal System of Australia as one of their directed courses.

Course Information

Code Name Availability Units
Complete the following core courses to fulfil the requirements of this program.
LAWS6048 Advanced Legal Research I Not currently offered 10 units
LAWS6049 Advanced Legal Research II Not currently offered 10 units
Directed Courses
Code Name Availability Units
Choose 60 units from directed courses
LAWS6022 Crime and Society Not currently offered 10 units
LAWS6033 Corporations, Globalistion and Human Rights Not currently offered 10 units
LAWS6034 Advanced Corporate Governance Semester 1 - 2015 (Callaghan) 10 units
LAWS6035 Competition Law and Policy Semester 1 - 2015 (Sydney Bathurst) 10 units
LAWS6036 Advanced Public International Law Not currently offered 10 units
LAWS6037 International Environment Law and Policy Not currently offered 10 units
LAWS6038 International Climate Change Law and Policy Not currently offered 10 units
LAWS6039 Global Administrative Law Not currently offered 10 units
LAWS6040 International Private Law Semester 1 - 2015 (Callaghan) 10 units
LAWS6041 Sentencing: Global Theory, Law and Practice Not currently offered 10 units
LAWS6042 International Child and Family Law Not currently offered 10 units
LAWS6043 Advanced Legal Research Project Not currently offered 10 units
LAWS6044 Advanced International Human Rights Law Not currently offered 10 units
LAWS6045 International Human Rights Law: Collective Rights Not currently offered 10 units
LAWS6046 International Air and Space Law Not currently offered 10 units
LAWS6047 Legal System of Australia
Students who have obtained their undergraduate law degree outside Australia must complete this course.
Semester 1 - 2015 (Callaghan)
Semester 2 - 2015 (Callaghan)
10 units
LAWS6081 Advanced Taxation Law Not currently offered 10 units
LAWS6082 Australian International Taxation Not currently offered 10 units
LAWS6083 Corporate Taxation Law Not currently offered 10 units
LAWS6084 International Insolvency Law Not currently offered 10 units
LAWS6085 International Trade Law Not currently offered 10 units