Graduate Certificate in Disaster Preparedness and Reconstruction (Pre 2015)

Learn specialist skills in disaster management & preparation

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Disaster Preparedness and Reconstruction requires planning, organising, and management resources to bring about the successful administration of a situation, post disaster.

In recent years, there has been an increase in natural and human created disasters that have adversely impacted people and the Built Environment. The management of situations resulting from disasters requires a diversity of knowledge, skills and attitudes but it will ultimately draw on the field of project management for its practices.

Effective Disaster Preparedness and Reconstruction will help:

-Address a situation from a natural or human created disaster; -Maximize the use of resources (time, people, money, space etc) -Bring the situation to a successful resolution meeting the needs of the impacted peoples; -Monitor and document what was done providing reflection for future reference; and -Build confidence in a project team and the impacted community.

This program has been assembled by experienced practitioners who have worked in disaster situations.

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