Master of Applied Management (Nursing)

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Can you diffuse difficult situations with expertise whilst remaining calm and focussed? Are you looking to take on a management role within healthcare, while still putting your nursing skills to good use?

The University of Newcastle’s Master of Applied Management (Nursing) will provide you with the skills to become an industry leader  through blending your clinical experience with  key business disciplines such as financial management and business analysis, , strategic human resource development and capcity to lead organisational change.  You will broaden your understanding of leadership and what it means to build, nurture and motivate your team.

At the completion of your studies you will have a solid foundation in the practical application of contemporary inter-professional leadership and management practices, with the ability to successfully lead a  team particularly in times of change or uncertainty.

With your advanced and recognised postgraduate qualification, you will be able to take on advanced roles within the healthcare field such as Clinical Nurse Manager, Nursing Unit Manager, Director of Nursing and Midwifery; or positions at an executive level within a complex health system.

Our advanced online learning system provides you with the flexibility and support to study anytime, anywhere to balance work, life and study. You can achieve your fully accredited Master of Applied Management (Nursing) at a time that suits you.

Explore this page and find out if the Master of Applied Management (Nursing) is for you, what you will study and the career opportunities it can provide you.

Is it for you?

Working in healthcare services can be challenging and highly rewarding. The field of nursing lends itself to continued learning, providing nurses with opportunities to shift, enhance or specialise their nursing skills and clinical leadership depending on their personal career goals.

The Master of Applied Management (Nursing) through the University of Newcastle is ideal for graduate nurses looking to further their education and training to expand their career opportunities into nursing management and inter-professional leadership.

You will enhance your knowledge of  nursing practices; gain a comprehensive understanding of contemporary health  issues and acquire skills to provide superior leadership to progress your nursing and health care leadership career.

If you are already in a management role looking to further your qualifications in this field, the program can be completed in as little as two trimesters (full time) and offers a balance between management  theory and its practical application. With a strong focus on leadership and successful human resource development, you will be inspired to enhance your professional offering with the assistance of this advanced program.

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The University of Newcastle’s Master of Applied Management (Nursing) can be completed in two trimesters (full-time) flexible online learning environment.

The program has been structured to provide you with an advanced grounding in the study of nursing management and health leadership, preparing you with the clinical and business skills required to advance your career within a globalised health system.

The course incorporates studies from multiple university faculties including the Faculty of Business and Law, Faculty of Health and Faculty of Science and Information Technology. This approach will provide you with a superior and comprehensive grounding in nursing management and health leadership  across a variety of disciplines.

The core courses you will study are leadership and management in practice where you will build on your knowledge and ability to apply these skills in the workplace. Leading change in practice will prepare you with the skill-set required for managing complex organisational systems, organisational change  management ,  and effective management of human resource and workforce issues.

With a range of specialised courses focused on modern business challenges, you can explore areas such as globalisation, management under uncertainty, marketing management and planning, strategic human resource management and technology oriented courses which deal with the digital economy and cloud computing and mobile applications in enterprise.

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At the completion of your Master of Applied Management (Nursing), you will have the skills to take on leadership and management roles in nursing and across inter-professional teams.

You will be prepared to lead the day to day operations of a nursing unit, inter-professional team or provide organisational-wide leadership. Your responsibilities in this role may include supervision of clinical  staff, as well as coordinating patient care and implementing efficient procedures across the full range of clinical settings.

With the opportunity to specialise, you will be able to develop and refine your clinical nursing and organisational leadership capacity through development of a suite of  business, human resource, financial management; and project management skills. These capacity building  skills will enable to you to achieve success as a nurse manager or inter-professional team leader.

As a nurse manager or team leader  you will manage nursing and other staff activities, plan work schedules and assign various duties to team members.. You will provide training for nurses and other team  members  and ensure proper delivery of care. You will also oversee a team budget, supply orders, rosters and patient care.

Overall, this advanced program will give you the knowledge and practical skills needed to be an effective, successful leader of nursing staff and leader of inter-professional teams.

For more detailed information on eligibility, courses and requirements of the Master of Applied Management (Nursing) visit the ‘Details’ tab.

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