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The University of Newcastle developed the Master of Aviation Management in response to an identified need in the aviation industry. Offered via GradSchool, the program combines study of aviation human factors and management, and can be adapted to accommodate your specific areas of interest.

The program is designed to develop your knowledge, skill and ability to adapt to the changing management practices within the aviation industry. Applicants are encouraged from all areas of the industry, especially if you currently work in flight crew, cabin crew, maintenance crew, ground crew, administration, military and government authorities.

The competitive international aviation industry requires highly qualified aviation managers. The Master of Aviation Management  will provide you with industry-relevant skills and knowledge that can open up further management career opportunities within the aeronautical industry, whether that be to transition between specialties or moving between commercial aviation organisations.

Our advanced online learning system provides you with the flexibility and support to study anytime, anywhere to balance work, life and study. You can achieve your fully accredited Master of Aviation Management at a time that suits you.

Explore this page and find out if the Master of Aviation Management is for you, what you will study and the career opportunities it can provide you.

Is it for you?

Are you already working in the aviation industry and are interested in advancing your management skills to step into more challenging positions? The Master of Aviation Management offers an advanced program combining courses from the Master of Business Administration (MBA) with specialised aviation courses. This combination allows you to deepen and broaden your experience in aviation while you achieve an advanced postgraduate qualification.

Throughout the Master of Aviation you will be provided with highly relevant knowledge and you will walk away with a qualification that can take your career to new heights. It will enable you to easily transition between specialities or to shift from one commercial aviation organisation to another.

With your Master of Aviation Management you will acquire complimentary skills in business management and aviation to enhance or diversify your career opportunities in the aviation industry.

To find out more about what you will study, visit the 'Study' tab.


The aviation industry requires expertly training aviation professionals with exceptional management and leadership skills. The University of Newcastle’s Master of Aviation Management offers a program which combines courses from the Master of Business Administration and aviation studies delivered via GradSchool’s flexible online learning platform. These management skills will prepare you with a distinctive insight into the contemporary issues in aviation and the critical thinking and analytical skills to approach these issues effectively.

You will be required to study human factors in aviation systems where you will obtain an advanced understanding of:

  • basic human factors principles
  • effects of stress and fatigue
  • implications of automation  for human performance
  • implications for aviation management.

You will also study crew resource management where you will:

  • be provided with the theoretical knowledge base to facilitate design and evaluation of crew resource management programs
  • explore the scientific research in key concept areas, including communication, leadership, decision making and group situational awareness
  • discover issues in crew resource management program development, implementation, evaluation and regulation.

Further to this you will study four other aviation courses and six selected from lists of prescribed MBA courses. Depending on your preference, you can complete the Master of Aviation Management over three trimesters of full-time study or longer if preferred.

To find out more about where the Master of Aviation Management can lead you, visit the 'Careers' tab.


The Master of Aviation Management at the University of Newcastle is an industry relevant program, designed to  further your career in the aviation industry, with the potential to take on more senior management roles.

As a graduate you can take your newly acquired skills and knowledge and transition from aviation operations or engineering into management, transfer your management experience to the aviation sector or redirect your existing degree into operational or strategic managerial positions.

Further to this, you'll find this qualification eases the transition between specialties, for example in moving from the military to government or consultation activities, or moving between commercial aviation organisations.

For more detailed information on eligibility, courses and requirements of the Master of Aviation Management, visit the ‘details’ tab.

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