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The Master of Leadership and Management in Education offers the unique experience to build upon your leadership capacity as an aspiring or ambitious leader. You will advance your knowledge in leadership and management including the management of people, implementing policy and strategic management.

Learning from experienced practitioners and active researchers in educational management, you will develop and master relevant skills in areas such as educational change, influencing society and strategic management whilst applying your knowledge and skills your own work, whether that be in higher education leadership, school leadership or TAFE-delivered vocational education and training (TVET) Leadership.

Whether you are a teacher, educator, nurse, military personnel or business executive, you can take away appropriate skills and knowledge at an advanced level to expand your career opportunities as a leader and manager in education.

Our advanced online learning system provides you with the flexibility and support to study anytime, anywhere to balance work, life and study. You can achieve your fully accredited Master of Leadership and Management in Education at a time that suits you.

Explore this page and find out if the Master of Leadership and Management in Education is for you, what you will study and the career opportunities it can provide you.

Is it for you?

Are you an educational manager, leader or teacher looking to take your career to new horizons as a leader or manager in an educational setting? The Master of Leadership and Management in Education at the University of Newcastle has been the postgraduate program of choice for not only teachers and school executives, but also by senior educational system managers, medical professional, military personnel and business managers. The flexible nature of the program, being offered online, enables people to study anywhere, anytime, encouraging its international popularity and success.

Developed and is taught by experienced practitioners and active researchers in the field of educational management, the Master of Leadership and Management in Education from the University of Newcastle will teach you about the theory and practices of the leadership, management and administration in educational institutions. The program provides specific expertise in research-based and data driven decision making, an international perspective, and a commitment to providing leaderhisp that meets the global imperative to understand and provide educational equity.

As a graduate you will be empowered to improve the practices within your own educational setting.

This acquired knowledge will prepare you to successfully take on leadership roles upon graduation or if you desire, gain admission to doctoral study.

To find out more about what you will study, visit the 'Study' tab.


Internationally recognised and sought after, the Master of Leadership and Management in Education at the University of Newcastle is a progressive, practical and highly relevant master's program designed to educate future leaders and managers.

You will study eight courses over one year full-time or the part-time equivalent. The program provides the opportunity to structure your advanced program providing you with your most suitable educational outcome. Divided into three parts, you will study two core courses, four courses within your chosen specialisation and two electives.

The core courses will cover leading and managing educational change and the fundamental contemporary issues in educational leadership, especially in relation to evidence based decision making, international perspective and educational equity. You will gain an advanced comprehension of the cultural, social, political and progressive contexts that educational managers and leaders work within and how their influence can shape the direction of society.

You will also investigate and critically engage with the educational change processes concepts, principles and research findings, whilst reflecting and analysing educational change issues, how they can be initiated and affect strategic management.  You will also be able to focus your studies toward any level of the education section: higher education, school leadership, early childhood education or vocational education and training.

To find out more about where the Master of Leadership and Management in Education can lead you, visit the 'Careers' tab.


The University of Newcastle’s Master of Leadership and Management in Education prepares graduates with advanced skills, knowledge and practical experience to best prepare you to successfully advance your careers in the educational field.

Depending on your experience and career goals, you may find opportunities in the education system such as:

  • head or leading teacher
  • assistant or deputy principal
  • school principal
  • educational administrators
  • curriculum leaders.

In other fields you may advance your position as an educator in nursing, military or business.

For more detailed information on eligibility, courses and requirements of the Master of Leadership and Management in Education, visit the ‘Details’ tab.

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