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As a high achieving nurse, your commitment to continuous learning and development will see you take your nursing career to new heights with the University of Newcastle’s Master of Nursing (Advanced Practice). Recognising the changing environment of the nursing field, the program will prepare you for leadership roles in nursing practice, clinical leadership and education.

As a registered nurse, you will have the opportunity to further develop your individual areas of interest whilst exploring and learning to adapt to the changing landscape of the nursing practice. Through the study of social, cultural, economic and political influences surrounding nursing and health care in general, you will be equipped to provide advanced knowledge and advice in a clinical setting. At the completion of your studies you will be able to undertake roles such as a clinical nurse specialist, clinical nurse consultant or educator.

Our advanced online learning system provides you with the flexibility and support to study anytime, anywhere to balance work, life and study. You can achieve your fully accredited Master of Nursing (Advanced Practice) at a time that suits you.

Explore this page and find out if the Master of Nursing (Advanced Practice) is for you, what you will study and the career opportunities it can provide you.

Is it for you?

If you are looking to develop and enhance your nursing knowledge into new and more specialised areas to ultimately take on more challenging nursing roles, the Master of Nursing (Advanced Practice) could be the program for you.

This advanced program can develop your skills in health assessment, complex problem solving and therapeutic management. You will also be able to hone your ability to communicate, work autonomously in a leadership environment, participate in organisational, social and cultural change and effectively educate others.

With the opportunity to specialise your study and strengthen your existing capabilities, the program draws on both clinical theory and practical application delivered by experts in their fields.

The University of Newcastle’s program focuses on core specialty fields including:

  • acute care
  • child, youth and family nursing
  • older person nursing

The knowledge and skills you will learn throughout the course will support your ability to provide culturally competent and advanced practice in leadership or education in your chosen specialty field.

To find out more about what you will study, visit the 'Study' tab.


To significantly heighten your expertise in your chosen nursing specialisation, the Master of Nursing (Advanced Practice) will prepare you for challenging and specialised leadership roles in healthcare.

Delivered online, the program has a core focus on providing you with comprehensive and relevant specialisation options. With the core specialisations purposefully structured to help you achieve the best career outcome for you, you will be provided with the best possible educational grounding to meet your career objectives.

The core of the program will see you study courses such as infection control, leading change in practice, stroke management and rehabilitation, and teaching and learning in the clinical context. To specialise your qualifications, you can choose from the following areas of study:

  • Acute care
    This specialisation will see you focussed on the acute phase of illness and injury management. You will have the knowledge to address the complex clinical side of patient care, through the study of courses such as the clinical assessment of drug and alcohol problems and symptom management.
  • Child, youth and family nursing
    You will investigate key areas such as pregnancy, birth and the family, special care of the newborn, neonatal intensive care nursing, and acute and chronic care of children.
  • Older person nursing
    Caring for aged persons within our community takes a special type of commitment and by focusing your elective courses in this area, you will develop a solid knowledge base in areas such as mental health nursing in older people, issues in aged care, the experience of aging and palliative care in practice.

To find out more about where the Master of Nursing (Advanced Practice) can lead you, visit the 'Careers' tab.


At the completion of the Master of Nursing (Advanced Practice) at the University of Newcastle you will be able to take on advanced roles in nursing care such as a clinical nurse specialist, researcher, consultant or educator. These roles are outlined by their core responsibilities below.

Clinical Nurse Specialist

As a clinical nurse specialist you can be a unit manager, responsible for observing patients, assessing them for treatment, giving patients the required medical treatment and evaluating whether the treatment was successful or not.

Your role may also include being a mentor and educator of trainee nurses and new staff members, providing guidance when needed.

Clinical Research

As a clinical research nurse you will undertake research on your own or be part of a team carrying out research on behalf of a hospital. In this role you will need to keep up with to date with current and emerging trends in the health care field so the hospital you work for is providing best practice care to its patients.

Clinical Nurse Consultant

As a clinical nurse consultant you are responsible for connecting patients to the healthcare unit. Working as part of a team of healthcare professionals, you will provide specific education and support a patient’s family, coordinate care plans for rehabilitation and support nursing staff in the development of specific nursing care programs.

Clinical Nurse Educator

As a nurse educator you will ultimately be responsible for teaching and learning in a clinical setting. This may include the design, implementation and assessment of teaching and learning or coordinating clinical learning activities and assessment of clinical competencies. Nurse education and professional development will also be an element of the role.

For more detailed information on eligibility, courses and requirements of the Master of Nursing (Advanced Practice) visit the ‘Details’ tab.

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I am currently completing this program and have 2 units to go.  Thus far the experience has been fantastic! UON is the 4th university I have studied at and the on-line learning environment is great! Text books are delivered to your door (don’t need to find and buy yourself) obtaining credit for previous work was uncomplicated and the initially generic looking units offered can be tailored to your professional needs and interests.  Its offered in trimesters which means no doing nothing for half the year! Minimal BS from student centre/support. Post Grad Nursing a UON - for those whose sense is common!

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