Master of Pain Medicine

This program is only available for currently enrolled students. No new applications for admission will be accepted.


The Master of Pain Medicine is specifically designed to assist primary care practitioners, practising alone or in small groups and in remote areas to gain a better understanding of and ability to manage patients with pain problems. However graduates will also become competent to join in a multidisciplinary team in larger institutions.

The program is most suited for medical practitioners wishing to upgrade their skills in this field, but is nevertheless open to other health professionals who feel that such a course of study can be of benefit in their own practice. Candidates who have completed diploma courses by examination may be eligible for credit in the Musculoskeletal Pain course.

Candidates will be expected to develop a thorough mastery of essential and critical facts and guidelines pertaining to pain physiology and the assessment and treatment of pain, and also to develop skills in critical reasoning to be able to evaluate past, present and future literature in their field, the practice of others, and their own practice. Internet access is required however there is no residential component in the program.

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