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A career in accounting provides challenging, rewarding and versatile opportunities in the current business environment. Increasingly businesses are looking for people with superior analytical skills which accounting can provide. A Master of Professional Accounting is a qualification which equips graduates with the knowledge and skills to succeed in accounting and aid career progression to senior management level.

The Master of Professional Accounting through the University of Newcastle is for people with an educational background other than accounting and seeking  entry into the professional accounting bodies’ membership program. The program has a focus on the understanding of the fundamentals of accounting as well finance, taxation and auditing. The skills are not only prerequisites for a career in accounting but highly transferable in the banking and finance industry.

Explore this page and find out if the Master of Professional Accounting is for you, what you will study and the career opportunities it can provide you.

Is it for you?

Are you seeking a fulfilling and rewarding career in accounting? The Masters of Professional Accounting is designed for students who have qualifications in an area other than accounting and will equip you with knowledge of accounting concepts and theory, and provide a pathway for a career in accounting. Achieving the requirements of the Master of Professional Accounting means you meet the eligibility requirement for entry into CPA Australia and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia. 

The Masters of Professional Accounting focuses on developing fundamental skills in the  principles of accounting, whilst also developing knowledge in management accounting, taxation, auditing, finance and law. This postgraduate qualification is the key to a successful career in accounting or can provide a solid understanding of  business  principles which can be applied to various related industries such as banking and management consulting.

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Today, businesses require expertise in a range of accounting areas including preparation of financial statements, forecasting, taxation, auditing and management decision making. A Master of Professional Accounting (MPAC) through the University of Newcastle offers a strategically developed program that will enhance and enrich your knowledge of accounting.

Students will undertake studies in the following areas:

  • financial accounting
  • management accounting
  • accounting information systems
  • auditing and assurance
  • business finance
  • taxation law
  • economics
  • business decision making
  • business law
  • company law

You will develop an advanced understanding and application of accounting, finance and the legal and legislative frameworks which must be adhered to. You will learn to understand and apply well-established accounting frameworks and skills which are transferable across many industries.

To find out more about where the Master of Professional Accounting can lead you, visit the 'careers' tab.


The Masters of Professional Accounting is the gateway to accreditation with CPA and ICAA, two internationally recognised professional bodies. A thorough understanding of accounting principles and membership of internationally recognised professional accounting bodies makes for a versatile and highly employable graduate. 

Knowledge, skills and confidence in accounting are important attributes of any senior managers. Accounting skills are transferrable across all industries and are required for sound financial decision making. The insights you will gain as a graduate of the Master of Professional Accounting will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to seek employment in fields including:

  • financial and management accounting
  • taxation
  • auditing
  • superannuation
  • investment
  • financial advising
  • banking
  • stockbroking

The theory and accounting principles you have acquired through the Master of Professional Accounting will equip you for diverse real-world business situations. This knowledge will increase your value and see you fast-track to leadership, and career advancement.

The program’s content focuses on accounting skills  and these skills are transferrable to organisations of all sizes,  whether they are in the public, private or not-for-profit sectors, and arming you with high-level accounting skills and "know-how" to successfully manage business matters.

For more detailed information on eligibility, courses and requirements of the program, please visit the ‘details’ tab.

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