Master of Theology

Cutting edge, intellectually rigorous, and highly relevant

This program is only available for currently enrolled students. No new applications for admission will be accepted.


Due to AQF compliance standards, please note that the Summer Term was the final intake for the 1 year (8 course) Master of Theology (12212). The 2015 availability of our 2 year (16 course) Master of Theology is to be confirmed.

The increasing demand for highly qualified and professionally competent leaders, managers and educators has become an important feature of modern professions worldwide.

The Master of Theology is a post-graduate degree that offers the opportunity for theological graduates, or graduates in cognate disciplines, to expand their learning, explore theological disciplines in a depth they had been unable to achieve in their first theological degree, and better equip them with the higher learning skills they had begun to develop through their undergraduate studies. The program provides graduates with training and experience (according to personal or professional development needs) by developing expertise in the fast moving areas of theological studies, which investigate key aspects of ancient and global religious traditions.

Is it for you?

This unique one year degree will help you develop and expand your skills and knowledge in theologically advanced areas. The Master of Theology at the University of Newcastle is a cutting edge, intellectually rigorous, and highly relevant Masters degree program for training in theological reasoning and the sophisticated reading of complex texts. With a higher level degree, undertaken with supervision from theological specialists, this is an opportunity to explore and develop multiple skills in a range of theological disciplines.


Students in the Master of Theology may take a generic program or specialise in one of the following areas:

  • Spirituality
  • Religious Education
  • Liturgical Studies
  • Mission and Culture
  • Pastoral Ministry


As a liberal arts degree the Master of Theology program allows students to prepare for a wide range of careers including teaching, social work, the caring professions, journalism and the media and various forms of Christian ministry.

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