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Are you thinking about postgrad study in 2017 - consider these 4 things before you commit

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Are you thinking about learning something new and exciting in 2017? Have you decided that 2017 is THE year to dedicate to developing your career aspirations and goals?
If you think postgraduate study might be right for you, check out GradSchool’s list of the Four Steps to consider before you decide to enrol in the course of your dreams.

STEP 1: Do you know what you want to study? How passionate are you about the subject?

It might sound like an obvious one but if there are a number of degrees or courses you might like the sound of, can you be sure which one you should study? Which one might be the most relevant for your career? Will you enjoy it?

Take some time to consider your options, read the course details and ask the education provider some probing questions. Studying is hard work and can take time away from the things and the people you love so you'll want to make sure it is something you really want to do before signing up! 

While not every single subject will elicit feelings of ‘passion’, if you think that overall the program will be enjoyable and beneficial to your career, then you are on the right path!

STEP 2: Can you realistically fit studying into your schedule?

Many people considering postgraduate study are already working in demanding jobs, have families or in some cases, both! Consider how you will juggle study time into the mix.

Will it be at after work when you would normally be at the gym? Or at night when the kids are asleep? Might you be able to reduce your work hours or be able to take some study leave at exam time? Discuss your study wishes with the important people in your life such as immediate family or your boss. It's important to know how studying might affect them and their time with you while you reach your studying goals.

STEP 3: Have you considered how will you manage the cost?

Postgraduate study can be expensive, and while there are ways of managing the financial side of paying for a course, have you looked at the options available to you?

An employer might be able to contribute or cover the costs if they consider the benefit this qualification will have to you in your role with their company. There are also scholarships, FEE-HELP loans or payment plan options available to you. Chat to the program convenor to ensure you know what your options are and how you can plan to make it work financially.

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” - B.B. King

STEP 4: Does this course and its outcome fit into your ten-year career plan?

No one knows exactly where they will be in 10 years but you might have an idea of the sort of career path you hope to follow in the long-term.

This course you have been considering might seem like it would suit you and your career now, but does it make sense when you consider where you want to be in 10 years? If you are just thinking about this course because it will help you feel less bored in your current work, consider whether or not it will also be relevant to your dream career?

If you just really want to study and are hungry to learn, why not consider a more generic course so that the eventual qualifications can be applied across industries, even if you do make a sideways leap in the future. The University of Newcastle offers a postgraduate program where you can Create your own degree and choose to study the courses and subjects that are interesting to you. 

If you can say ‘yes’ to all four of the steps above and you feel ready to find out more about postgraduate study in 2017, contact GradSchool today.
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