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The Most Innovative in the Business - The top 5 Australian companies to work for and why

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Do you work for an organisation that is stuck in the past or do you dream of one day running an innovative business of your own?

GradSchool lists five of the best and most innovative Australian companies that invest in their staff by offering unbelievable benefits and perks. Read on for some ideas that could be worth bringing up with the boss at the next staff meeting…

1. Unlimited Paid Annual Leave –Inventium  

Inspired by big global businesses such as Virgin Atlantic and Netflix, Amantha Imber Founder of Melbourne-based innovation consultancy Inventium offers all staff an unlimited amount of paid annual leave.

Called ‘rebalanced leave’ Inventium employees get the standard four weeks then can top up with additional paid leave when they feel the need to ‘rebalance’. Talking to Mamamia, Amantha says, “It all comes down to trust. I trust my team to do what is right for themselves and their teams, both within and outside the company.”

2. Flexible Hours – ANZ

In our digital age of smart phones, file sharing via the cloud or Google docs, there is often no need for staff to be in a shared building for precisely eight hours per day.

In 2016 ANZ understands that it is less about how many hours you do and more about how smart you work. Their Chief Human Resources Officer Susie Babani says, “We need to be thinking about what we pay people to do, which is deliver results. Does it matter if that’s at home or at Starbucks? At 8pm or 6am? Probably not.” It should be something all companies view as “the new normal” Susie says.

3. Unique Office Environment – Airbnb

There are absolutely no uninspiring grey cubicles or drab boardrooms at the Airbnb HQ in Surry Hills. Airbnb Australia Country Manager Sam McDonagh says that with two of the co-founders being designers, it was inevitable that the working environment was always going to be beautiful and comfortable.

“Our new Sydney office captures what we value as a company: creativity, travel, and thoughtful design. At the core of Airbnb is the connection between people and spaces, and we have created a unique layout that inspires our employees to move around and work from where ever they want. A bean bag; secret space behind a hidden door bookshelf; or perhaps a cosy Sweden living room.”

4. Cheap Travel - Qantas

There is cheap travel and then there is super cheap travel and our number one Australian airline Qantas offers staff up to 90% discount on all airfares!

Although it is apparently hard to book staff flights at peak times in the year, just think of the money to be saved on holidays every year.

The best part is that the discounts apply to business class flights so it is not just cheap travel, but luxury travel too.

5. A $2,000 referral bonus – Atlassian

Good companies value their employees. Innovative companies not only value current employees but are also prepared to invest money in finding the perfect future team member.

While some companies might have a referral scheme that offers current employees a few hundred dollars to help them find a new staff member, software development firm Atlassian pays a hefty $2,000 for referring the right applicant for a full-time permanent job. Amazingly you don’t even have to work for them to qualify for the bonus!

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Source information for this blog piece is thanks to Mamamia, News Ltd, The Huffington Post and Seek.

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