Architecture Studio Project 3

10 Units

This course provides students with an understanding of real-world design problems through an immersive architectural experience while developing students’ skills in architectural design within diverse cultural contexts, architectural research and architectural communication. Within this course are several ‘streams’ that the students elect to be part of through a ballot at the start of each calendar year. The ‘streams’ are intensively run over a two week period at different times of the year (usually outside of semester teaching time), and include a subsequent public exhibition. Around 12 stream topics are offered each year, with previous offerings including travel to Nepal with Health Habitat, travel to Alice Springs town camps with Tangentyere Design, travel to Denmark with Aarhus School of Architecture, and other projects in China, Japan, Sydney and Newcastle.

Faculty Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment
School School of Architecture and Built Environment
Availability Semester 2 - 2017 (Callaghan)
Semester 1 - 2018 (Callaghan)
Winter - 2018 (Callaghan)
Semester 2 - 2018 (Callaghan)
Summer 2 - 2018 (Callaghan)
Summer 3 - 2018 (Callaghan)
Trimester 1 - 2018 (Callaghan)
Trimester 2 - 2018 (Callaghan)
Trimester 3 - 2018 (Callaghan)
Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Apply practical skills in architectural design, demonstrating an understanding of the ethical and cultural frameworks within which architects operate
  2. Critically discuss the future of architectural practice
  3. Evaluate the relationship between architecture, practice and research
  4. Communicate architectural propositions to a range of audiences
  • Architectural design processes
  • Architecture as research
  • Architectural communication
  • To enrol in this course you must be active in one of the following programs: 11253, 12020, 12060, 12331 or 40018.
Assessment Items
  • Project: Architectural Practice Research
  • Project: Architectural Practice as Research

Contact Hours



Face to Face On Campus 36 hour(s) per Term Full Term
36 hours per term is the minimum time requirement. Delivery times will be determined by the elective project chosen by the student.

Timetable 2017 Course Timetables for ARBE3225
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