Fundamentals of Cloud Computing

10 Units

Cloud Computing is a technology that has evolved from distributed and utility computing. It allows for dynamic allocation of computing resources that can scale to meet customer demand, overcoming the historical issues with resource scalability found in classic client/server environments. This course provides students with exposure to they key principles and practices of Cloud Computing and Cloud Security. Students are introduced to the technologies, design patterns and fundamentals required to make informed decisions when implementing Cloud-based solutions.

The course presents concepts including public, private and hybrid Clouds with a focus on case studies that enable students to gain experience with real-world examples. Students will learn how to compare and contrast various Cloud Computing deploying patterns, recommend a pattern to suit a typical deployment, and compare and contrast commercial and non-commercial Cloud Computing offerings.

Faculty Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment
School School of Electrical Engineering and Computing

Not currently offered

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Explain fundamental Cloud concepts such as private, public and hybrid Clouds
  2. Recommend approaches in relation to implementing Cloud solutions
  3. Explain how Cloud platforms can scale and cope with dynamic load and requirements
  4. Present how infrastructure as service offerings work and how to best utilise their functions
  5. Present how platforms as service offerings work and where their use is best suited
  6. Explain the security, privacy and compliance concerns with operating in a Cloud environment

This course covers topics related to secure Cloud Computing, including:

  1. The history of distributed, utility and Cloud Computing
  2. An introduction to the Cloud as a service
  3. Infrastructure as a service
  4. Platform as a service
  5. Storage as a service and persistence in the Cloud
  6. Hybrid Cloud Computing
  7. Cloud migration concerns and best practises
  8. Privacy and compliance in the Cloud
  9. Security in the Cloud
Assessment Items
  • Quiz: Quiz 1
  • Quiz: Quiz 2
  • Quiz: Quiz 3
  • Quiz: Quiz 4
  • Presentation: Presentation
  • Report: Report

Contact Hours Not currently offered
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