Advanced Theory and Practice in Orientation and Mobility

10 Units

Providing an in-depth examination of major orientation and mobility (O and M) theories and approaches necessary for delivering complex O and M services to people with multiple disabilities including vision impairment. Topics covered will include: identification and specification of complex O and M service delivery models and approaches; evaluation of ethical and legal frameworks in complex client service delivery; family and client-centred service delivery.

Faculty Faculty of Education and Arts
School School of Education

Not currently offered

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. identify best practice service delivery and duty of care approaches in complex client cases;
  2. Explain the legal and ethical obligations of O and M service delivery;
  3. Use advanced electronic and sonar-based technology involved in providing O and M services to complex client-cases;
  4. Specify approaches required to meet the O and M needs of clients experiencing a broad range of vision loss and multi-disabling medical conditions;
  5. Describe the concept of risk management and its importance to complex client service delivery;
  6. Critically appraise and analyse related professional literature.

Topics covered will include: Duty of care and legal framework in complex casework; risk management and best practice service delivery; advanced theory and practice of kinesiology; advanced theory and practice in tactual and haptic perception; psychosocial dimensions and theory of O and M; advanced O and M technology and GPS services; management approaches and administration of service delivery; and dog guides. Exposure to and analysis of current professional literature.

  • Enrolment limited to cadets sponsored by the Guide Dogs NSW/ACT who seek to become qualified agency employees.
Assessment Items
  • Written Assignment: Critical Reviews
  • Written Assignment: Research Paper
  • Practical Demonstration: Skill Competency Demonstrations

Contact Hours Not currently offered
Course Materials
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