Specialist Studies in Technology 4

10 Units

This course provides an introduction to curriculum, pedagogy and assessment for teaching the Stage 6 Design and Technology and Industrial Technology Syllabi. It provides students with an opportunity to understand the various discourses on current issues that inform teachers’ knowledge and pedagogical practice as well as critically engaging with models of pedagogy. Students will experience authentic opportunities to work with stage 6 students.

Faculty Faculty of Education and Arts
School School of Education
Availability Semester 1 - 2018 (Callaghan)
Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Design challenging, engaging, and supportive project-based learning units for teaching the Stage 6 Technology curriculum of their first and second teaching areas.
  2. Synthesise and generate appropriate pedagogies, resources, and assessment practices for teaching Stage 6 Technology.
  3. Interpret, analyse and discuss the assessment requirements of the NSW Higher School Certificate.
  4. Interpret, analyse and discuss issues involved in managing and supervising senior technology projects.

This course introduces students to:


  • Stage 6 Design and Technology and Industrial Syllabus-
  • Authentic mentoring of stage 6 students
  • Planning Lessons, Programming/Unit of Work/Resources


  • Contemporary approaches to pedagogy (incl. the NSW Quality Teaching framework).
  • Academic culture, literacy, numeracy and technacy issues.
  • Problem Based Learning, Design, Communication, Research, Innovation, Emerging Technologies, Sustainability, Evaluation
  • Major Project and Folio Management
  • Professional Affiliates: TEA, IIATE, NSW Institute of Teachers, TEA. DECA, HEA, HHEA.
  • Teaching Strategies including: Autonomous Learning Model, Case Study, Industry Studies, Oral Presentations, Research, Discourse and Mentoring.


  • Scope and Sequence
  • Whole School Assessment
  • Using SMART Data
  • Using formative and summative data
  • Stage 6 Subject Assessment Requirements
  • HSC assessment and examination
  • Oral and Written reports


  • Graphics and Electronics/Robotics
  • ICT-Tools
Assumed Knowledge EDUC6245 and EDUC6345
Assessment Items
  • Written Assignment: Written Task
  • Presentation: Presentation
  • Written Assignment: Assessment Task Design

Contact Hours



Online 8 hour(s) per Term Full Term


Face to Face On Campus 16 hour(s) per Term Full Term


Face to Face On Campus 8 hour(s) per Term Full Term
Lectures, tutorials and workshops may be conducted on a weekly basis, or grouped in multiple day-long or half-day intensives, possibly on a weekend.

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