Second Language (L2) Curriculum and Methodology

10 Units

This course develops students¿ understanding of curriculum theories and their application in second language syllabus design and second language program writing in schools or universities. The pedagogic principles and practices of L2 teaching will be discussed in relation to curriculum development. It also aims to develop students’ understanding of the importance of curriculum innovation in the local, national, and global educational contexts of the post-method era of the 21 century.

Faculty Faculty of Education and Arts
School School of Education

Not currently offered

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Understand the key concepts of curriculum theories and their application;
  2. Design a second language syllabus and write a second language program for a school;
  3. Have a good command of pedagogical approaches for teaching L2 (ie. CSL).
  4. Develop materials and resources to support L2 teaching;
  5. Understand the new directions of L2 teaching and learning in the global context.

The proposed course includes both theoretic foundations and practical skills and addresses the following:

1. Key concepts of curriculum theories and their application.

2. Second language syllabus design and second language program writing.

3. Pedagogical foundation for the notions of “approach, design and procedure”.

4. Development of second language materials and resources to support learning.

5. New directions of teaching second language in the post-method era.

  • This course has similarities to EDUC6024 and EDUC6025. If you have completed either of these courses or are currently enrolled in either of these courses, you cannot enrol in this course.
  • Completion of undergraduate study of a second language.
Assessment Items
  • Report: Assessment 1
  • Essay: Assessment 2
  • Proposal / Plan: Assessment 3

Contact Hours Not currently offered
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