Globalisation: Cities, Economies

10 Units

GEOG3240 analyses the ways that globalisation has drastically changed the contemporary geography of cities and economies in the context of new global flows of finance, goods, services and ideas. GEOG3240 builds understandings of the rise in power of global cities, the new forms of governance which control them and their intersection with global networks. The course also explores the development of new global geographies of production and consumption. Common themes in the subject include the discursive constructions of globalisation, the nature and effects of technological change, systems of governance, the operations of enterprises, markets and labour markets, the impacts of changes on disadvantaged groups and the possibilities for progressive futures.

Faculty Faculty of Science and Information Technology
School School of Environmental and Life Sciences

Not currently offered

Previously offered in 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004

Learning Outcomes

At the successful completion of this course, students will have:

(a) Skills to analyse the processes and impacts of change in urban and regional economic spaces at a variety of scales; (b) Skills to analyse the processes of urban and economic change as effected by globalisation; (c) Knowledge of the major debates and conceptual approaches and theories regarding the nature of economic and urban changes in the contemporary global period; (d) The ability to examine a range of methodologies and approaches appropriate to the study of urban and economic change; (e) Developed geographical skills and competencies transferable to other subject and employment areas, including the interpretation of subjective data sources; the presentation of material, data interpretation, critical evaluation, essay writing (analysis and synthesis); oral presentation and performance skills and an ability to work in groups and individually.

  1. The empirical evidence for globalisation
  2. Theoretical understandings of globalisation
  3. Networks and global cities
  4. Internal functioning and governance of global cities
  5. The operation of the global economy
  6. Spatial impacts of economic globalisation
  7. New economic spaces
  8. The nature and operation of the enterprise
  9. Urban markets and labour markets
Assumed Knowledge Either GEOG2080 or GEOG2130 and SOCS2400.
Assessment Items
  • Essays / Written Assignments - All assignments must be handed in in order to meet the course learning objectives.
  • Examination: Formal -
  • Other: (please specify) - Tutorial exercises
Contact Hours
  • Lecture: for 4 hour(s) per Week for 2 weeks
  • Lecture: for 2 hour(s) per Week for 10 weeks
  • Tutorial: for 1 hour(s) per Week for 10 weeks
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