Tourism Management in a Global Context

10 Units

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries and the key driver of socioeconomic progress for many countries around the world. This course engages an interdisciplinary approach to developing in-depth knowledge of contemporary issues in global tourism. The course focuses on the impacts of tourism on the broader economic, natural, social, cultural and political environments within which it operates. Sustainability is a strong theme in contemporary destination management, and this course examines best practice in global governance for sustainable tourism development and management.

Faculty Faculty of Business and Law
School Newcastle Business School

Not currently offered

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Identify and define various perspectives of, and theoretical approaches to, sustainable tourism and destination management
  2. Critique the relationships between tourism and its resources base to evaluate the impacts of tourism on the natural, social, cultural and economic environments and how these affect its sustainability
  3. Communicate, both orally and in writing, their awareness of contemporary issues that arise from tourism in Australia and internationally, and evaluate national and global policies and industry practices designed to produce sustainable outcomes
  4. Develop problem solving skills for analysing planning and management strategies that respond to the complex impacts of tourism within a destination
  5. Work independently and as a team member to collect and analyse information for problem solving and decision making in the context of tourism

The content in this course includes the following:

  • Introduction to global tourism management
  • The tourism system and the tourism industry
  • Tourism demand and tourist consumer behaviour
  • Tourism destinations and tourism products
  • The economic impacts of tourism
  • The sociocultural impacts of tourism
  • The environmental impacts of tourism
  • Tourism governance and destination development
  • Sustainable tourism and destination management
  • Tourism and destination marketing
  • Tourism futures and industry challenges
  • To enrol in this course student must have successfully completed 40 units of GMBA courses including GMBA6001 and be active in the Master of Business Administration (Global) program (40160).To enrol in this course student must have successfully completed 40 units of GMBA courses including GMBA6001 and be active in the Master of Business Administrations (Global) program (40160).
  • Successful completion of 40 units of GMBA courses (GMBA6001 and 30 units of additional GMBA courses)
Assessment Items
  • Presentation: Presentation: Contemporary Issue in Global Tourism Management
  • Written Assignment: Briefing Parper: Destination Impacts Case Study
  • Case Study / Problem Based Learning: Destination Management Case Study

Contact Hours Not currently offered
Timetable 2018 Course Timetables for GMBA6021
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