Consumer Decision Making and Behaviour

10 Units

The course is concerned with understanding consumer decision-making processes and behaviour and factors that influence such decisions and behaviour. It also investigates how consumer behaviour plays a vital role in developing appropriate marketing mix strategies to sell products, ideas and services. Therefore in bringing these together the course focuses on examining how individuals may be influenced and how they may respond to a wide range of marketing strategies.
The primary focus is directed toward the ultimate consumers of goods and services. That is, those individuals who purchase for the purpose of personal or household consumption or use. Many would argue that studying ultimate consumers does not reveal much about industrial or intermediate buyer behaviour, however, we should recognise that generally industrial buyer behaviour is unique because it involves different buying motives and the influence of a large variety of individuals in organisations. As such for a stronger focus on theory and strategy related to consumer behaviour learning we will focus on the ultimate consumer. This Course provides a detailed framework of theory and concepts with which to analyse and understand consumers and target markets. The Course provides an orientation and linkage between the processes of marketing management and the behaviours of consumers. In other words the course provides a practical and theoretical understanding for creating, facilitating and maintaining the marketing exchange process and relationships in business to consumer markets. The key objective and rationale for this course is to focus on and build the skills required to participate more effectively in marketing related activities and strategy development. As such the course provides a thorough understanding of the behaviour of people engaged in the exchange process, covering both internal and external influences on the purchase and consumption processes individuals engage in.

Faculty Faculty of Business and Law
School Newcastle Business School

Not currently offered

Previously offered in 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004

Learning Outcomes

The aim of this course is to develop in students both a theoretical and applied understanding of the major theories and concepts within consumer behaviour. The focus is on applying current consumer behaviour theory, research findings and methodologies in order to understand, explain, and predict consumer behaviour.
On completion of the course, students will be able to:-
1. Understand consumer behaviour in a variety of consumption contexts
2. Understand the influence of cultural, social and psychological factors that shape the consumer decision process
3. Identify various mechanisms of segmenting consumer markets
4. Use consumer behaviour theory in strategic and tactical marketing management decision-making 5. Develop oral and written communication skills 6. Understand the social, psychological and cultural factors that impact groups and learn to work in a team environment.

  1. Introduction to the relationship between consumer behaviour and marketing strategy
  2. Consumers and their characteristics
  3. Consumers and decision making
  4. A framework for consumer analysis
  5. Affect and cognition
  6. Consumer behaviour and environmental influences
  7. Consumers and their actual behaviour
  8. Social and ethical considerations
  9. Consumer decision making and marketing strategy
Replacing Course(s) GSBS6021 Consumer Behaviour
Assumed Knowledge GSBS6010 - Foundation of Marketing Theory
Assessment Items
  • Essays / Written Assignments - Essay, report
  • Presentations - Group -
  • Projects -
Contact Hours
  • Lecture: for 36 hour(s) per Term for Full Term
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