Creativity and Design Thinking for Enterprise

10 Units

Creativity and Design Thinking for Enterprise is a core course in the Master of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. The course examines how creativity drives entrepreneurial and innovation processes. The focus is on how creativity works, how certain cognitive and personality characteristics are related to creativity and how these traits are integrated within social environments and different approaches to studying creativity. Creativity and Design Thinking for Enterprise emphasises development of individual creativity by enhancing relevant skills such as decision finding, divergent thinking and flexibility of thought. The course will incorporate aspects like design thinking and how to generate ideas when confronted with wicked problems and complex user-centred issues. The course also covers systematic approaches for understanding creative processes, and includes organisational and cross-cultural dimensions of creativity.

Faculty Faculty of Business and Law
School Newcastle Business School
Availability Trimester 2 - 2018 (Online)
Trimester 1 - 2018 (Newcastle City Precinct)
Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Critically articulate and assess the role of creativity in entrepreneurial and innovation processes at individual, group and organisational levels;
  2. Demonstrate a sound understanding of the complex nature of creativity and the many aspects that make up the creative process;
  3. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of contemporary issues and techniques related to design thinking and solving difficult problems;
  4. Demonstrate advanced knowledge, skills and abilities about how to develop and enhance their own creative abilities.

Topics will include a selection from:

  1. Concepts, history and origins of the notion of creativity
  2. Role of creativity in entrepreneurship and innovation
  3. Increasing role of design thinking in modern business
  4. Focusing on solving difficult problems using alternative techniques
  5. Creativity at individual, group and organisational levels
  6. Methods and approaches to studying individual creativity,
  7. Group level influences on creativity
  8. Organisational level influences on creativity
  9. Approaches to enhancing creativity in entrepreneurial and innovation processes at individual, group and organisational levels.
Assessment Items
  • Essay: Individual Essay
  • Written Assignment: Group Business Report
  • Presentation: Presentation of Group Report
  • Report: Individual Written Assignment - Forum Contribution

Contact Hours

Newcastle City Precinct and Online


Face to Face On Campus 3 hour(s) per Week for 12 Weeks
The workshop is interactive

Timetable 2018 Course Timetables for GSBS6511
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