Managing Human Resources and Employment Relations

10 Units

This course introduces the concepts relevant to the management of human resources and employment relations. It critically reviews the current HRM function within organisations and the elements of the legal and institutional environment that affect organisational practices. Specific attention will be given to contemporary issues in the practice of HRM and Employment Relations.

Faculty Faculty of Business and Law
School Newcastle Business School

Not currently offered

Previously offered in 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Analyse the role and contribution of Human Resource Management and Employment Relations to the management of organisations.
  2. Apply HRM and Employment Relations theories, models and concepts to workplace situations.
  3. Critically evaluate contemporary debates surrounding HRM and Employment Relations.
  4. Explain the range of competencies and roles required of HRM and Employment Relations practitioners within various organisational settings.

This course will cover these topics:

  1. Human Resource Management (HRM) and Employment Relations (ER)

* Definitions * Values and assumptions * Roles, fads and fashions. 2. The context of HRM and ER * Economic, technological, political and social context * Legal and ethical context * Strategy and HRM/ER * Organisational context – the nature of work, organisations, and jobs 3. HRM and ER practices, including:

  • Job analysis and competency profiling
  • Work and workplace design
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Performance management
  • Learning and Development
  • Management of Diversity
  • Remuneration and reward systems
  • Management of health, safety, wellness
  • Employee voice and consultation
  • The ethics of HRM/ER
  1. Evaluating HRM and ER performance.
Replacing Course(s) GSBS6040
Transition GSBS6042 Employment Relations is being offered in Trimester 1, 2007
Assumed Knowledge Students taking this course cannot take the on-line course GSBS6040 Human Resouce Management.
Assessment Items
  • Examination: Class -
  • Essays / Written Assignments -
Contact Hours
  • Lecture: for 3 hour(s) per Week for Full Term
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