Pharmacotherapeutics 1

10 Units

Presents the pathophysiology of diseases and their management including both pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions. Specific diseases covered in this course include respiratory, cardiovascular and renal. The course will address the quality use of medicines in the treatment of these diseases. Application of the knowledge developed in this course will be complemented by clinical skills training. Development of this knowledge and skill base contributes to the core competency required of a pharmacist.

Faculty Faculty of Health and Medicine
School School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy

Not currently offered

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Be able to describe the pathophysiology and management of renal, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases;
  2. Be able to describe the quality use of medicines issues surrounding the therapeutic agents in the treatment of these diseases;
  3. Have developed clinical skills in the therapeutic management of these conditions;
  4. Continue to develop communication skills.

This course will cover the pathophysiology, therapeutic treatment and practice issues in the management of:

  1. The respiratory system (including asthma and COPD and URLT and LRTI relating to these conditions)
  2. Cardiovascular disease (including hypertension, heart failure, angina, arrhythmias, clotting disorders, stroke)
  3. Renal disorders

The course will also provide experience in developing clinical skills by clinical skills training and/or clinical placements.

  • This course is only available to students enrolled in the Master of Pharmacy program.
Review of Progress

This course is a compulsory program requirement for students in the following program(s):

In addition to meeting the University's overall requirements for academic progression, students enrolled in these program(s) must satisfactorily complete this course in order to progress in their program.

Assumed Knowledge PHAR6124 Applied Pharmacology and Basic Microbiology/Immunology
Assessment Items
  • Formal Examination: Examination(s) mid- and end- Trimester
  • Practical Demonstration: Satisfactory completion of clinical skills sessions

Contact Hours Not currently offered
Compulsory Requirements
  • Pre-Placement Requirements: 1. NSW Health Verification Requirements - Mandatory NSW Health Verification Requirements must be met. 2. NSW Health Verification Requirements - Mandatory NSW Health Verification Requirements must be met. 3. Working with Children - A national criminal history check and review of findings of misconduct involving children, required for any child-related work.
Timetable 2018 Course Timetables for PHAR6133
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