Course Materials

New to 2016 - eTextbooks

We are now offering eTextbooks to online students in designated postgraduate programs. And as an online student, your prescribed course materials are complimentary.

We have partnered with VitalSource to deliver eTextbooks because their Bookshelf platform enables you to study, highlight and take notes in your eTextbook much like you would in a hardcopy textbook. The Bookshelf platform makes it easier to search and navigate your textbook and allows you to share notes with classmates and the instructor. 

To learn more, click here to read about it in our GradLife student blog.

Hardcopy Textbooks

Your prescribed course materials are designated by the Course Coordinators and are included in your program fees. Course materials will start to be despatched in the three weeks prior to the start of trimester/semester, as they become available from the Course Coordinators. Packages in Australia are delivered by Australia Post and overseas packages are sent by DHL.

If you are studying more than one course you may receive packages at various times. Do not be concerned if you do not receive all of your materials at the same time - this is a normal part of our process.

You will receive an email via your NUmail advising you when your materials have been despatched. Please check at your local Post Office if after receiving this email you still haven't received your materials.

Some course materials will also be available electronically via BlackBoard on the first day of trimester/semester.

For queries related to course materials and delivery please email our Logistics Team.

Program requirements and details

If you are unsure of the course requirements for your particular postgraduate program, you can find full course information in your postgraduate program overview. For individual course information be sure to click on the details tab, situated at the top of each program.


Course Material
ABOR6001 No text
ABOR6003 No text
ABOR6005 No text
ABOR6007 No text
ARBE6121 Literature Reviews Made Easy
ARBE6321 Australian Property Investment and Financing
ARBE6362 Property Valuation and Analysis
ARBE6382 Real Estate Market Analysis
ARBE6404 No text
ARBE6405 No text
ARBE6408 No text
ARBE6601 Rebuilding After Disasters
ARBE6601 Disaster and Development
ARBE6604 Elaborating Professionalism
ARBE6605 No text
AVIA6110 Safety at the Sharp End
AVIA6140 Human Factors in Aviation
BIOS6030 Modelling Survival Data in Medical Research
BIOS6040 Elementary Linear Algebra
BIOS6040 Calculus
BIOS6050 In All Likelihood
BIOS6070 Linear Models
BIOS6100 An Introduction to Medical Statistics
BIOS6111 Applied Statistical Genetics with R
BIOS6111 The Fundamentslof Modern Statistical Genetics
BIOS6130 Statistical Decision and Bayesian Analysis
BIOS6170 Introduction to Probability Statistics
BIOS6170 Student's Solutions Guide for Introduction to Probability, Statistics and Random Processes
BIOS6910 Principals of Biostatistics
CLAM6005 No text
CLAM6006 Leadership for Health Professionals
CMNS6040 Screen Media Arts
CMNS6060 No text
DESN6410 ADOBE Master Collection
EDUC6001 No text
EDUC6002 No text
EDUC6038 Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching
EDUC6042 Teaching and Digital Technologies
EDUC6048 Educational Research
EDUC6049 Handling Qualitative Data
EDUC6050 SPSS Software
EDUC6050 Andy Field's Discovering Statistics using IBM SPSS STATISTICS
EDUC6067 No text
EDUC6068 No text
EDUC6076 No text
EDUC6080 No text
EDUC6084 No text
EDUC6085 No text
EDUC6086 No text
EDUC6088 What Really Works in Special & Inclusive Education
EDUC6090 No text
EDUC6101 Web 2.0: New Tools, New Schools
EDUC6102 Maths in Focus Mathematics Extension 1 Preliminary Course
EDUC6102 Maths in Focus Mathematics Extension 1 HSC Course
EDUC6103 Discrete Mathematics with Applications
EDUC6104 No text
EDUC6107 Mathematics Extension 2
EDUC6108 Teaching Secondary Mathematics
EDUC6109 No text
EDUC6113 No text
EDUC6117 No text
EDUC6120 No text
EDUC6124 Developing Courses in English for Specific Purposes
EDUC6158 No text
EDUC6161 No text
EDUC6162 No text
EDUC6164 No text
EDUC6200 No text
EDUC6201 No text
EDUC6205 No text
EDUC6252 No text
EDUC6260 No text
EDUC6350 No text
EDUC6351 No text
EDUC6352 Australian School Leadership Today
EDUC6504 Engineering Drawing + Sketchbook
EDUC6505 Engineering studies The definitive guide. Volume 1
EDUC6505 Engineering studies The definitive guide. Volume 2
EDUC6661 No text
EDUC6663 No text
EDUC6665 No text
EDUC6667 No text
EDUC6668 No text
EDUC6855 No text
EDUC6858 No text
ENVS6500 Organizational Change for Corporate Sustainability
ENVS6535 Dynamic Sustainabilities: Technology, Environment, Social Justice
ENVS6560 Water: Science and Solutions for Australia
EPID6410 Clinical Epidemiology
EPID6420 Epidemiology
EPID6460 Control Of Communicable Disease Manual
EPID6460 Modern Infectious Disease Epidemiology
GSBR6201 Business Research Methods
GSBR6204 Developing Effective Research Proposals
GSBS6001 Managing Under Uncertainty Custom E-Book
GSBS6002 Business Research Methods E-Book
GSBS6003 Globalisation custom publication E-Book
GSBS6004 Organisational Behaviour E-Book
GSBS6005 Marketing: Real People Real Choices E-Book
GSBS6014 Digital Marketing 6th edition E-Book
GSBS6040 Human Resource Management : Strategy and Practice E-Book
GSBS6130 Business Finance 12th edition E-Book
GSBS6190 Human Resource Development custom print E-Book
GSBS6192 Strategy and Human Resource Management
GSBS6300 ANZ Supplement to accompany Advertising and Promotion
GSBS6300 Developing Your IMC Plan
GSBS6300 Advertising and Promotion
GSBS6301 No text
GSBS6301 No text
GSBS6410 Principles of Economics
GSBS6410 Managerials Economics
GSBS6420 No text
GSBS6484 Moral Issues in Business E-Text
GSBS6505 SPSS Software
GSBS6505 SPSS statistics version 22
GSBS6505 Essentials of Marketing Research - A Hands-On Orientation
HLSC6101 Handbook of Work Disability: Prevention and Management
HLSC6106 Families, Relationships and Intimate Life
HLSC6106 Key Concepts in Family Studies
HLSC6106 Children, Families and Communities
HLSC6112 The Dad Factor
HLSC6127 Social Work and Domestic Violence
HLSC6127 Domestic Violence and Protecting Children
HLSC6127 Social work and human service practice Australia
HLSC6130 Research methods in Health: Foundations for evidence based practice. 3rd ed
HLSC6516 Counselling Skills
HLSC6516 Working with People Communication Skills for Reflective Practice
HLSC6516 Getting the Best Out of Supervision in Counselling and Psychotherapy
HPRO6715 Theory in a Nutshell EText
HPRO6715 Health Promotion Strategies and Methods EText
INFO6001 Database Systems
INFO6050 Business Analysis Techniques: 99 Essential Tools for Success
INFO6050 Business Analysis
INFO6080 Murach's ASP.NET 4.6 Web Programming with C# 2015
INFO6090 Decision Support and Business Intelligence System
LING6010 Analysing Grammar
LING6040 Testing for Language Teachers
LING6070 No text
LING6311 No text
LING6910 Linguistics: An introduction
LING6950 No text
LING6955 No text
MARI6001 Marine Ecology
MEDI6145 Motivational Interviewing
MEDI6295 No text
MEDI6320 Oxford Textbook of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease
MIDI6580 Midwifery. Preparation for Practice
MTEC6701 Creative Sequencing Techniques for Music Production
MTEC6703 Practical Recording Techniques
MTEC6707 No text
MTEC6709 No text
MTEC6710 No text
NURS6021 Clinical Examination
NURS6021 Understanding Pathophysiology
NURS6055 Physical Care of People with Mental Health Problems
NURS6055 Psychopharmacology : Practice and Contexts
NURS6085 Therapeutic Relationships with Offenders
NURS6085 Crime and Mental Health Law in New South Wales
NURS6095 Mental health in Australia
NURS6095 Community Mental Health
NURS6450 Advanced Practice Nursing
NURS6450 High-Acuity Nursing
NURS6623 Clinical Leadership Made Easy
NURS6623 Leadership Theory and Practice
NURS6811 Wong's Essentials of Paediatric Nursing
NURS6815 Neonatology at a Glance
NURS6815 Merenstein & Gardner's Handbook of Neonatal Care
OHSE6010 Occupational & Environmental Health
OHSE6020 Principles of Occupational Health & Hygiene: An Introduction
OHSE6040 Introduction to Ergonomics
OHSE6070 Managing Occupational Health & Safety
PGTD6001 No text
PGTD6002 No text
PGTD6011 No text
PHAR6703 Essentials of Pathophysiology Concepts of Altered Health States
PHAR6703 Australian Medicines Handbook 2017
PHAR6703 Pharmacology for Midwives
PHYS6010 Energy Environment and Climate
PSYC6000 Psychology: A Concise Introduction
PSYC6050 Psychology: A Concise Introduction
PSYC6110 The Psychology of Work and Organisations
PSYC6120 The Psychology of Work and Organisations
PSYC6210 Psychological Testing and Assessment
PUBH6210 Nursing Research
PUBH6210 Constructing Grounded Theory
PUBH6250 Economics of Health and Health Care, ebook
PUBH6300 The New Public Health
PUBH6304 Routledge Handbook of Global Public Health
SOCA6190 No text
SOCA6240 No text
SOCA6571 No text
SOCA6640 Research for Development
STAT6100 Total Quality Management
SWRK6008 No text
TRAU6001 Trauma
TRAU6002 No text