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Purpose of the GradLife Blog

The mission of the GradLife Blog is to create a vibrant and interactive community for current, former and prospective students to explore, discuss, and learn about postgraduate life at the University of Newcastle.

Student Submissions

Are you a future, current or previous postgraduate student at the University of Newcastle with a topic you would like to discuss, a story you want to share, or an idea you would like to advocate? If yes, then we would love to hear from you!

We want to hear about what interests you. We want to hear about your experiences and provide a platform for you to share your thoughts and ideas with other students. Write about your study experience, your research, your job, or a current event. We want you to pick a subject that you know and care about.

Submission Guidelines

We encourage university staff and students to contribute a post of their own to the GradLife Blog. If you are thinking of submitting an article, then please read the following guidance first.

  • GradLife contributions should reflect an aspect of postgraduate study, but please feel free to expand on topics such as your career, opinions and industry topics.
  • Submissions should fall within the range of 300-800 words in length.
  • Authors should make sure to use the most accessible language possible. This does not mean that you can’t address complex issues, but that efforts must be made to communicate clearly without too much jargon. Please keep it informative, casual and chatty; we want to stimulate conversation within the postgraduate community.
  • Looking at previous contributions to the GradLife Blog is a good way to get a sense of the right style and tone.
  • Please include a title at the top of your article. It’s good to start with a short declarative statement or question that will draw people’s attention.
  • Keep in mind that the GradLife audience is current and prospective postgraduate students so ensure that you are writing for and shape your contribution to appeal to them.
  • Make sure that your writing is broken up into small, digestible paragraphs (aim for three to four sentences) that are clearly laid out with spaces between each paragraph. Using a numbered list or bullet points is also a great way to lay out your post.
  • Unlike academic publications, you don’t need to formally reference other literature. But where possible we encourage you to use simple graphs or web links to other sources to support your arguments.
  • UON does not take responsibility for copyright infringements, so please make sure that any images or videos used are copyright-free or have been permitted for use.
  • Because GradLife is a University blog, we need to avoid making partisan political allegiances. Contributors are encouraged to make political arguments, but shouldn’t explicitly align themselves with a particular political party.
  • If you want to re-post your article on another blog, we are happy for you to do so. But please indicate that the article originally appeared on the GradLife Blog and link to it, that way we can all share the benefits of high-quality contributions.

How to Submit an Article

If you already have an article written or an idea for an article, then please email it to with a short bio of yourself (roughly three to four lines) and a suitable picture of yourself. If you would like us to link to any of your personal sites (i.e. LinkedIn or blog) we are happy to do so.

We will get back to you with any substantive revisions that we feel are required. If the required revisions are only minor stylistic or grammatical issues, we reserve the right to exercise discretion in making any adjustments that we see fit.

We will respond to your submissions as soon as possible.

Commenting on GradLife Articles

When responding to an article on the GradLife blog, please ensure that your tone is polite and that the language is appropriate. Abusive or offensive language will be removed from the blog. Please respond to the ideas and opinions expressed and avoid making personal attacks on the contributor.

The best responses to articles are those that expand the conversation and raise relevant questions. Try to leave comments that will continue rather than curtail the conversation.

We encourage the authors of articles to get involved in conversation within the comments section. By answering questions and carrying on the conversation contributors will make the GradLife blog more interactive.


If and to the extent that you submit any personal data (such as your name and email address) to UON through this blog, it will fall under The University of Newcastle’s Privacy Policy

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