Public Health

I work fulltime and do shift work, I needed a program that was going to be flexible enough not to alter my work hours at all.

Studying online you're given a schedule of what you're expected achieve each week. I've been able to take holidays around those dates, I haven't missed out on anything.

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Business Administration

The challenge of learning has always been a big part of my life, but so is family and my career.

Postgraduate study at the University of Newcastle made it possible for me to achieve my goals through quality education, flexible learning options and first class resources, without sacrificing the things that matter to me most.

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Special Education

I felt at the end of my undergraduate degree that I hadn't finished my studies, I wanted to learn more about children with Special Education needs. I was able to study online and plan my studies around my family and career.

For me having that flexibility made things a lot easier.

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Aviation Management

I am very career driven. Having started out as as an aircraft mechanic apprentice, I knew I wanted to be in airline management.

I chose a postgraduate degree through the University of Newcastle because of the range of courses and the flexibility to study on the Sydney campus as well as on online.

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Information Technology

Study has become a part of my life, but not the focus.

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Clinical Medicine

The courses already had a significant impact on my professional development. For example, I've just been elected as Chair of the Resuscitation Committee which is a very important and responsible role, but I now feel equipped with the skills I’ve learned through the Masters program to proceed with that and make a real difference.

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Nursing (Nurse Practitioner)

The thought of study was quite daunting for me. Not only could I barely turn on a computer, but I have kids to care for and work to manage. But I knew I wanted to learn more, I wanted to be better! Thankfully, a postgraduate course through the University of Newcastle meant I could study anywhere, anytime, 100% online.

Today, I feel I’m a better nurse, giving my patients more advanced care, thanks to my postgrad studies.

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Nursing (Advanced Practice)

Studying online was so flexible and easy. I was able to balance work, family and study.

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Compared to my undergraduate degree my masters was more practical and relevant to the real work I was undertaking in my full-time position.

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Project Management in the Built Environment

That’s why I enrolled in GradSchool to do a Masters of Project Management. I could get a holistic understanding of the whole process which then helps me to become a better Architect, this also makes me quite a good project manager as well.

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Teaching (Primary)

I've had a wonderful two years studying the Master of Teaching. The quality has been fantastic and the study experience wonderful. I know the teachers, mentors and peers will be lifelong friends that I will continue to learn from.

Everyday going to University was exciting - there was something new to learn and someone new to interact with.

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Business Psychology

I’ve succeeded in getting a new job which is a promotion working with the Federal Government in disability. The Master of Business Psychology degree really helped me from a theoretical perspective in my interview in getting that role and will assist me in undertaking that role into the future.

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International Business

I didn't want to put my career on hold whilst raising a family, but the juggle just seemed too hard.

Postgraduate study at the University of Newcastle gave me the flexibility to study when and where I could, without sacrificing my family or the financial freedom working full-time provides. I'm gaining knowledge, a new circle of like-minded friends and I feel I am being a good role model for my daughter. She's really proud of me.

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Postgraduate Programs: Study when and where you want.

Postgraduate study at the University of Newcastle gives you the flexibility to design a program that suits your lifestyle. You can choose to study face-to-face, online or blend your program by attending some or all courses at our Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast campuses.

The list below includes Masters programs which are currently open for admission to new students. Students who commenced a Masters program prior to 2015 may need to consult the list of programs available to continuing students.

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